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arashi: aiba's drama Bartender!~

somehow it is fun sharing stuff with you guys XD

i was SO DAMN HAPPY when they officially annouced Aiba's drama when i was still there and I even bought Super Jump mag, just because it have this one page of HOT LOOKING BARTENDER AIBA XDXDXDXDXD


I was totally fail at Kya-ing like a lady when I noticed this XD
He is so hot in this get-up XD

thanks to mylittlecthulhu for scanning it for me since i owned the mag but without a scanner XD

PS: I have a question to ask, I bought 7 doujinshis (one JunBa, 2 SakurAiba and 4 AiMiya) back then, and am thinking of sharing it too!~ Just wondering if it is not translated, are you guys interested of downloading it raw? Just let me know okay ^^

That's all folks!~
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