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Nippon Trip: Arashi's Concert in Tokyo Dome (20-11-10)

well here is another post of my Nippon trip during the first and second day i arrived there ^^
by the time we landed on Japan land, all of our thoughts had straight away had been on how can we travel from Nishihagara to Tokyo Dome and wether we'll enough time to grab the goods ^^

and since next week all of us going to be busy watching concert *wink*wink* let me show you what's really happened outside Tokyo Dome before and after the concert XD

This is what Tokyo Dome look like XD

the entrance XDXD

this was at the front of the entrance XD the greetings ^^ 

the board was really really beautifully decorated!~

the flags XD

As for goodies booths, at the back of the Dome, this was what really happening, for goodies booth, they set up two which there was one at the front, near the main entrance while the other one was set at the back of the Dome.

while this was what happening at the front booth ^^"

this was my catch ^^

so this was happened on the first day I arrived in Japan, being busy with fandom XD

will post the second part of Behind The Scene of Boku No Miteru Fuukei Tokyo Dome sometime soon!~

That's all folks!~
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