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LOVE (2/3)

Title: LOVE (2/3)

Author: arashic0804

Beta: mylittlecthulhu

Pairing: SakurAiba

Rating: G

Disclaimers: They belong to themselves.

Summary: Drabbles over LOVE tracklist. First part can be found here.

Sugar & Salt

Sho was confused. He had three songs to choose from for his album solo, and he couldn’t decide on which song he liked most. So he decided to go to his advisor, and ask for his opinion. He didn’t get a chance, because of their packed schedules, and when the chance finally came it was during their dance practise for 24-hour TV. Hey, he said. I need your opinion. He started explaining his dilemma while playing all the songs.

Ah, I like the last one. It sounds nice with your voice.


Really.... Aiba nodded and smiled.

That was how Sho decide on his solo.

Yoizora no Tegami

He knew how much the song meant to him. He was there when Aiba requested the song, and he knew that Aiba had put all his feelings into the lyrics and the song, dedicating it to the grandfather he lost a few months ago. So he decided to wait for him, and welcome him into his embrace every time Aiba went backstage and cried. All Sho could do was – pat his back, and say, the song definitely reached him, Aiba-kun. I’m sure of it.

Aiba smiled.


He wondered how the hell fans would survive looking at the picture that was in his hand. He wondered if any of them suffered nose bleeds from the hotness emitted from the eyes looking back at him seductively, or the way those full lips licked the thumbnail, making him imagine what it would be like to kiss those lips. (He knew he was desperate when he was willing to trade places with a thumb.)

And really, how could his fans survive, because as he turned each page he got breathless, cheeks reddening with perverted thoughts. So absorbed he was, that he ended up shrieking (like a girl) when he felt a hand grabbing his shoulder, and the face of the actual person looking back at him.

Are you having dirty thoughts about me, Sho-chan? Your drool’s kind of ruining the magazine.

All Sho could do was wish that he was invisible, or to dig a hole and bury himself in it.

Endless Game

Aiba didn’t know what the real cause for the things Sho said was in his closing speech. He was surprised, to be frank, and when he asked about it, Sho was quite tight-lipped. He came across what might have been the cause when he was browsing the internet, and he let out a sigh.

Everyone definitely have their limit, huh, Sho-chan.

That evening he invited Sho out for coffee to talk about what happened.

I am glad you finally retaliated but – Sho-chan, being who we are, this thing is an endless game even for someone like you. So if anything happens, please let us know, and remember that we’re all in this together.

Sho nodded, and they continued talking. He was surprised when they were about to reach his car, and Sho pulled him into a hug, whispering, thank you.

(Shida said: Happy New Year!)
Tags: fic!, pairing:sakuraiba

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