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12 Days of Christmas. Sort of...

Title: 12 days of Christmas. Sort of…

Pairing: SakurAiba

Genre: Fluff

Disclaimers: They belong to themselves

Summary: Sho’s 12 days of Christmas…

A/N: Happy birthday Aiba!

On the first Christmas Eve as Arashi, Sho found out it is also Aiba’s birthday.

On the second Christmas Eve, Sho sent a way too early Happy Birthday text to Aiba.

One] the third Christmas Eve, Sho was putting so much thought into getting Aiba nice present.

On the fourth Christmas Eve, Sho used his Christmas wish for Aiba’s health.

On the fifth Christmas Eve, Sho found out that he really likes Aiba.

On the sixth Christmas Eve, Sho decided he wants Aiba in every part of his life.

On the seventh Christmas Eve, Sho agreed with Nino that Christmas is no longer Christmas but it is now Aiba’s birthday.

On the eighth Christmas Eve, Sho is running out of ideas on giving out great gifts as Aiba is being way ahead of him on being the best gift giver.

On the ninth Christmas Eve, Sho found out he loves Aiba.

On the tenth Christmas Eve, Nino suggested for him to confess to Aiba but he back tracked last minute after wishing him a very happy happy birthday.

On the eleventh Christmas Eve, Sho still fail on confessing to Aiba

After so many fail attempt on confessing on Christmas Eve, Sho confessed to Aiba at his ideal confession place, Yokohama

Which Aiba consider his best Christmas Eve celebration ever and thanking Santa for granting his wishes.

Shida said: Happy Aiba Day, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Tags: fanfic, sakuraiba!

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