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Doin Crazy Thing is FUn~

doing crazy things with ur frens sure are funs~

like yesterday during work break me, huda, hamidah, ellicia and hafis went to petrosains to sign up for the Earth Hour 2009 and also in the end we ended up touring the Dino Park~

and ya knw what the four of us did at one of the counter? XD

we dance the chicken dance along with the dinosour on the screen~

and catch five free photos~

here are the crazy posing that v have~ XD

ellicia, hamidah, huda and me along with the dancing dinosours~ ^^

see how the dinosours get excited...XDXD

somehow our expression along with the dinosours doesnt look right...XD

~doin crazy things was fun~ esp when u r doin it with ur frens~ and enjoyed it~ XD

thats all folks^^

PS: Earth Hour 2009 was cool~ the city was nice in the dark~ XD

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